Outdoor rugs – Moroccan patterns

Moroccan-style rugs as an outdoor decoration

Moroccan-style terrace rugs are a real highlight of the spring/summer 2020 season. Geometric compositions, amazing mosaics and Berber patterns not only delight both guests and homeowners with their beauty, but they are also an excellent match for other decorations. Thanks to their functionality, outdoor rugs also protect the balcony floor against dirt and mechanical damage. The Moroccan pattern is a popular motif originating in the exotic designs straight from sunny Morocco. Moroccan clover rugs are often used as balcony and terrace decorations. The clover pattern is subtle enough that both tropical climate fans and Scandinavian raw interior enthusiasts are bound to love it.

Are PVC rugs suitable for gardens and terraces?

Outdoor terrace rugs are modern products for people who like simple and convenient solutions. To better meet our customers' expectations, we have created rugs that can be used outdoors as well. Since their surface prevents the build-up of dust and dirt, they are ideal decorative elements for people with allergies who need their space to be clean. The material that Moroccan rugs are made of is resistant to mould and mechanical damage, which allows them to serve as outdoor decorations for a long time. The simple beauty of the Moroccan clover will undoubtedly impress guests and household members alike. African themes have been becoming increasingly more prevalent in our homes for years, be it in the form of rustic arrangements or original wall masks. Moroccan-pattern rugs are yet another trend that is bound to become a permanent part of indoor and outdoor home decor. As such, it is a good idea to take advantage of the current trend and choose the best option for yourself.

Modern outdoor rugs for your terrace

Compared to traditional ones, vinyl rugs are attractive both in terms of the price and aesthetics, as well as the nearly endless choice of colours and motifs. Rectangular PVC rugs are versatile and are a good match for any terrace; additionally, their low weight allows you to easily move them from place to place. There are two types of vinyl rugs: the first type is completely smooth and it works well outdoors, for example, in the garden gazebo or on the terrace. Such protective mats are resistant to fading and moulding, as well as water and microdamage caused by mud and sand particles. All you need to clean them is a wet cloth and a bit of mild detergent. The excellent print quality means that our mats have no sharp edges and burrs, so walking on them barefoot is a real pleasure. Round vinyl rugs are an ideal solution for apartment block balconies with limited space. They give them unique charm while also protecting the balcony tiles from sun and rain. Thanks to their excellent properties, vinyl rugs have a chance to become a permanent decorative element of terraces and gazebos. It is a pioneering solution that provides optimal protection for their floors while ensuring extraordinary aesthetics.