Vinyl tiles with nature-inspired patterns

PVC tiles are an extremely original way to finish a floor, especially if you want to quickly spice up a grey and minimalist interior. The floral motif is a universal pattern, which is suitable for the living room, kitchen and bathroom - no matter what style it is. The versatility of vinyl panels with patterns inspired by nature also means that they will never go out of fashion, making your home a stylish place, full of class. Additionally, the high-quality material of our PVC tiles makes them extremely scratch and stain resistant, and maintenance is nothing but a child's play. You no longer have to spend all day scrubbing them. With just a few mop strokes, you can enjoy clean floors at any time of the day or night.

Vinyl tiles with a pattern inspired by nature - a classic design in a modern edition

Vinyl tiles with a pattern inspired by nature are a fairly popular floor decoration - and no wonder. They are eye-catching and can easily completely change the whole decor of a flat. Another remarkable advantage in using vinyl tiles with plant patterns is that they are waterproof, which means that spilled juice or coffee no longer poses any threat to freshly finished floors. To top it off, their rubber core vinyl effectively mutes any footsteps, ensuring absolute silence as you move. It's also worth mentioning that vinyl panels can be easily installed over underfloor heating to provide incredible comfort combined with style without the having to do a major renovation and spend hours laying tiles.