Vinyl rugs

Decorate your interior with a practical vinyl rug

Vinyl mats are made entirely of plastic. They consist primarily of PVC fibres. They also contain synthetic fibres that are responsible for their adhesion, which amount to several per cent of their material volume. This, as well as their lack of bristles, means that their surface is not conducive to the build-up of dust and development of harmful microorganisms. As such, they can be used in rooms of people who suffer from allergies (young and adult alike). Additionally, such mats do not contain phthalates, which are harmful to health.

Vinyl rugs – perfect for kids

The smooth surface of a vinyl rug is also very easy to clean – something that parents of small children will surely appreciate. The dirt does not seep into the structure of the mat itself, but rather remains on its surface. All it takes to get rid of it is to simply wipe the rug with a cloth soaked in water with a mild cleaning agent. Note that using strong detergents should be avoided as they might damage the rug's surface. Yet another advantage that is vital for parents is the vinyl rugs' high resistance to mechanical damage. They are resistant to the tramping of children's feet and scratches caused by the accidental dropping of heavy items. Thanks to the wide variety of patterns available, a vinyl rug is a perfect match for the kids' room decor, especially since many of these patterns have been created specifically for children. What's more, they often come in fancy shapes that children find incredibly attractive.

Rug – a fashionable accessory

Vinyl rugs can also be used in other places at your home. Among the designs available, you can easily find ones suitable for teen rooms, modern living rooms and other spaces. With a wide range of colours, geometric and minimalistic patterns and various formats to choose from, vinyl rugs are perfect additions to rooms decorated according to modern design trends. Additionally, you can also use PVC protective mats as small kitchen rugs. In this case, the vital characteristics are moisture-resistance and the ease of cleaning. Even the most stubborn sauce, grease and fruit juice stains can be easily removed from their surface using a simple cloth and common household chemicals. We offer multiple patterns inspired by the rich world of culinary arts, so choosing the right rug for your kitchen is now easier than ever. Finding one for your bathroom will not be a problem either. Apart from waterproofness and the ease of cleaning, the latter also feature non-slip surfaces and excellent stability, which are characteristic for bathroom rugs. Yet, these are not the only rooms where you can use vinyl rugs. Their durability, ease of cleaning and a wide range of patterns make them a great choice for hallways, corridors and pantries as well. Outdoor rugs can also be used in garages, basements and boiler rooms. The rugs are made of non-flammable material and can be easily cleaned of any residue from your heater.