Living room rugs

Living room rugs - add character to your interior

Extremely durable, practical, beautiful, and multicoloured. These are just some of the advantages of vinyl rugs. They are becoming increasingly popular. The proof of this is the fact that they not only decorate floors in our bedrooms or children's rooms, but are also commonly found in kitchens or bathrooms. That is spaces, where until recently, only tiles were found. Why has this trend changed? How to choose the right rug for your living room and other rooms!

Here are some hints!

A modern living room rug is a proven way to eliminate boredom from your living space! The main room in any flat or house is the living room. In addition to its representative function, it's a space to spend time together with your relatives and friends. So, when arranging this room, you should strive to give it both beautiful and functional decor. The living room should be visually stunning but also easy to clean. This will encourage your loved ones to spend time in it. It's worthwhile to consider accessories, such as the right rug, in addition to traditional elements such as furniture or household appliances, at the very beginning of decor arrangement. It seems to be a trivial thing, but it can bring a lot of warmth to your decor. When choosing a rug, you should think first of all about comfort - both your own and others. A rug with pretty motif, design or original graphics will give the room an excellent finishing touch.

Vinyl rugs enter living rooms

Modern vinyl rugs fit perfectly into any room. This is due to their high quality, which goes hand in hand with original designs. It's a practical, ecological, and great solution for any house. You will certainly find something to your liking! Vinyl rugs, coated with foamed PVC, are made of up to 85% PVC and 15% polyester, which gives them stability and weight of 1000g/m2. Recently they have been considered a functional hybrid flooring. Why? Because they're very durable and resistant to all kinds of residual dirt. The waterproof properties of these fashionable rugs ensure quick and easy cleaning. This is undoubtedly an important functionality which means that maintaining cleanliness will no longer be a problem. It's worth emphasising once more the two important advantages of our rugs, which will make it easier or more convincing for the undecided to choose a warm accessory to the living room. No hazardous chemicals - including phthalates - that can cause many diseases and health problems. While another noteworthy feature is good insulation. A modern rug will protect your floor from possible scratches. And what are the aesthetic values of this rug?

Our living room rugs come in a plethora of colours and designs

Aesthetic interior decor pleases the eye. So how can you make your bedroom floor look splendid? There isn't just one answer to this question. It depends on the arrangement, size or lighting. If dark colours dominate in your bedroom, you can't choose other accessories in the same colour scheme. It's worth remembering that choosing even the smallest trinket you should consider the whole picture. Otherwise, this one piece will not work well with the rest. And any idea of a perfect arrangement can be as good as forgotten. Choosing the right design/ motif for a bathroom or kitchen rug doesn't cause as many dilemmas as in the case of the living room. In case of the living room, the motif of macaroons, peppers, sunflowers, shells, or nature in general simply won't do. Although the choice of nature-related motifs is not far off. Quite the opposite, in many cases, dark or light green or blue colour schemes and different patterns or motifs of sea / nature, perfectly harmonise with the bedroom decor. We invite you to learn more about our wide colour and pattern selection of PVC rugs. We offer a wide choice of Nordic, Moroccan, ethnic and other modern styles. We advise you to choose original and chic designs that will make you feel great at home.