Vinyl tiles with oriental patterns

Oriental-style vinyl floor tiles are a brilliant way to bring a touch of oriental magic to your home. Oriental vinyl panels will fit perfectly into both the Indian style room and a modern flat, which will give a touch of colour and originality. Despite the common belief, vinyl tiles are very easy to install, and it does not require any advanced skills - all you need are basic tools and a little time to enjoy a beautiful, oriental floor right in your living room.

Oriental vinyl tiles - a touch of the Far East in your home

Oriental self-adhesive vinyl tiles are not only phenomenal design and easy installation, but also high quality and hassle-free maintenance. Thanks to the waterproof material, juice or spilled tea are no longer a problem - all you have to do is take a piece of cloth and quickly wipe the liquid off the floor. Unlike ceramic tile, walking on vinyl tile doesn't cause an unpleasant feeling of coldness and harshness, but it's much more like stepping on natural wood. Vinyl panels with an oriental pattern are also great thermal conductors, which is good news for those who have underfloor heating - the tiles will be pleasantly warm when the heating's on. In addition, the aesthetic value of vinyl tiles, especially those with an oriental pattern, can put just about anyone who enters a room decorated like that in an extraordinary mood - not to mention the sensation of walking on vinyl tiles.