Vinyl tiles with concrete patterns

Vinyl panel with concrete pattern is a perfect solution for loft or industrial-style flats. Such interior trends have their roots in post-factory rooms and warehouses, so it is the raw concrete on the floor or walls that pairs up perfectly with them and creates the best background for distinctive furniture and decorations. At the same time, vinyl tile concrete only visually imitates this cool material flawlessly. In contrast, they are warm, smooth and pleasant to the touch. They are easy to keep clean as they do not absorb dirt and are also scratch resistant. Placing self-adhesive vinyl panels with a concrete pattern in the interior only gives the impression of austerity. In fact, the floor or walls covered with vinyl panels are warm and have a great effect on the thermal conditions in a room.

Concrete pattern vinyl tiles for the floor

PVC tiles with a concrete pattern can be laid on any surface. This is a simple task that requires no specialised equipment, makes no mess, and doesn't take much time nor work. Thus, with the help of vinyl panels, we can easily change the decor of our interiors quickly and effectively. Vinyl tiles of the concrete category have a gray colour scheme that looks just like real concrete. It is waterproof and has strong soundproofing properties. Suitable for use on underfloor heating systems.

You don't need to use carpets on concrete floors - it's absolutely phenomenal without any decorations. Creating this effect is easy and convenient thanks to vinyl panels with their durability and many practical qualities. So they are a great alternative to real concrete in modern arrangements.