Vinyl tiles for kids

Vinyl panels are not only one of the trendiest flooring finishes out there. Thanks to their durability and waterproofness, they are even a perfect way to decorate a child's room. Thanks to the special material of vinyl panels for children's room, it' possible to remove dirt in a quick and easy way - even without professional cleaning products. So you don't have to give up the comfort and spend hours cleaning your floor - just use modern vinyl flooring in your child's room.

Self-adhesive PVC tiles for children - quiet and pleasant to use

With the special properties of vinyl, our PVC tiles make almost no sound when you walk on them, which is especially important when choosing a flooring finish for a child's room. So you don't have to leave your baby's room, tiptoeing around just to keep your little one asleep. Self-adhesive PVC panels for a child's room are so quiet that your footsteps certainly won't wake your baby up.

Safe PVC tiles in the children's room

Additionally, vinyl laminate flooring conducts heat very well, and just walking on it is much more pleasant than walking on cold tiles. With the adhesive tiles in your child's room, you also don't have to worry about whether your baby is sitting on a warm floor. Another advantage of this type of panels is that they can even be used on underfloor heating, without the having to do a very complicated renovation. In conclusion, when you decide to choose vinyl panels, you are getting quality and safety not only for yourself but also for your child.