Kitchen rugs

A kitchen rug - essential or unnecessary?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. We spend a lot of time in it, for example preparing or eating our favorite treats. There is a reason why everyone wants to feel exceptionally good in it. Therefore, in addition to traditional kitchen equipment, it is worth taking care of the details. It is thanks to them that the room will look not only beautiful but also clean. Rugs are more and more often an inseparable element in many kitchen designs. And rightly so! The unique features that could encourage you to buy such a rug include: warmth, coziness and aesthetics. What, then, should we take into account when buying a rug? We must focus primarily on practicality. The kitchen floor – more than any other floor – is exposed to various dirt and mechanical loads. This is especially visible at the fridge and stove. Therefore, the appropriate material must be selected first. The long and thick bristles of a floor mat will definitely not work. With such a floor mat, we would have to vacuum and clean it several times a day. Vinyl rugs may be the best choice.

What are the advantages of a vinyl rug?

There is a reason why modern vinyl rugs are a hit in many kitchen designs. They are distinguished above all by:

  • Durability and resistance, including tensile strength, tear and fold resistance.
  • Ease of cleaning. A dirty kitchen rug can be wiped with a cloth or mop. Although it is an easy to clean material, we recommend to choose fabrics decorated with typographic inscriptions, stripes or other patterns for your kitchen. Dirt is more visible on light and one-colour rugs.
  • Versatility. The rug, apart from the kitchen or dining room, will perfectly fit in with other spaces in the house.
  • Another equally important feature is the fact that vinyl rugs have antistatic properties and are therefore also allergy-friendly. Apart from practical features, it is also worth mentioning their aesthetic qualities. Vinyl rugs, made of as much as 85% PVC, will please the eye of many lovers of sophisticated graphics and photography prints.

Warm up the kitchen interior with a fashionable and practical rug

We invite you to learn more about our wide selection of rugs and choose the right motif for you. Choose high quality, practical and fashionable interior that will enchant you and your loved ones. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the purchase of a suitable rug, please contact our interior design experts. We provide advice and suggestions to help you choose the perfect PVC rug for you.